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Fic Rec

If you haven't read this already, I think you really should.


I cannot stress enough how...totally...mind-blowing that fic was for me. Beautifully written. And the art-work was GUH. Awesome. <3

Oh, and here are a few of the pairings:


I nearly cried, and even though it's an AU fic...I just...had thoughts of it being true, and GAH. I love it anyway. Read it all if you have the time and haven't read it already....

Nirvana fic rec...

Just found a Dave/Kurt fic I've never read before, and I found it pretty cool, so....

Here it is.

Fic Rec...

I dug this out to re-read earlier on, because god, I love it.

Here it is.

Taylor/Nick, Dave/Josh (Implied Dave/Tay, Josh/Nick)

My review? Weeeell, it's got one vicious blonde drummer, and that is so totally my favourite kind of Taylor (and Chris, lol) - so yeah, it's different. Unusual. I like sticking to my fave pairings, but man, this works; it's totally believable. Slightly emo Dave makes it even more awesome. I prefer the story hidden in between the lines rather than the actual pairing, but it makes it interesting. Taylor acting all vicious and possessed...blows me away. And it's written perfectly. Go read if you haven't already. *grin*


Another post?! Already...?

Well, yeah. I'm back, kinda bored, and I definitely need a distraction from my French. Hope you guys don't mind, I'll just fic-spam away :

Hate Myself For Loving You   (Chris/Nate.)

The title really says it all. It's from Nate's perspective; it's short, sweet, and definitely to the point, and I love it because the thoughts in Nate's head are clear and realistic.

Free Me  (Dave/Tay.)

This one's pretty short, but I think it was one of the first few I read where Tay was dominant. It made me laugh at the time for some reason. Submissive Dave works, goddamit. 

Drink  (Chris/Nate.)  (Sunrise is the second part.)

Chris gets Nate drunk - and....yeah. I think it's a nice fic because you can the reason behind Chris's actions; he really does love Nate and it's sweet in a way.

Dual Popularity (Dave/Kurt/Krist, Kurt/Courtney)

I can't really explain this one. It disturbed me at first, but strangely enough - made sense. It has two parts, so make sure you click on the 'next' button below. It's written in a dreamy, hazy state from Kurt's perspective, and Krist and Dave take advantage of him (Rohypnol is a drug for rape, just in case you didn't know) but it's still loving. It makes Kurt seem as though hes too far gone though, even when Frances is born. It's interesting.

Tired Of You  (Dave/Tay)

Taylor gets caught up in drugs again, and Dave is one severely pissed off guy. It's not that long, and I could actually see Dave acting like this in real life. It definitely inspired me in my Dave/Nate fic.

Here. (Dave/Nate.)

Dave makes a move on Nate. It made me smile.

A320 (Chris/Taylor, implied Chris/Nate.)

They're on a plane, and this story is kind of fluffy and Chris is so sweet, so yeah...

Fics all round...

This is getting stupid. By stupid - I mean me recommending Dave and Taylor fics all the time. I'm trying not to recommend ones on livejournal, because I know you guys have probably read them before or something. So...here's another one.

I found it quite a while back. I think it was the first D/T fic I read actually. Not on LJ. Weird

Check it out here.   [Edit - the link won't work for some reason. Search for the Foo's section. It's in there.]

My review of it? Weeeell - the plot is awesome, not too cliche or anything. It mentions the X Files. And it's definitely believable. Or at least, I thought it was. It has angry Dave who punches someone. That in its own right is something everyone wants to see.

Chris/Nate fic here.

This one got me into the pairing. Jealous Chris can't be passed up. I'm addicted to jealous fics, they really make my day. It's a LJ fic, so you've probably read it before, but honestly, it's my fave for those guys so far. 


Another D/T fic....

I'm gonna try and track down more fics of other pairings, but I keep on stumbling across these fics that I have to record, 'cause otherwise I'll end up forgetting about them, lol. So, here goes:

Dave/Tay Fic Here

You get a lot of Dave's thoughts in this, and it's descriptive, so yeah. I got sucked in by the story pretty fast, and the storyline is awesome and definitely more original than other D/T fics I've read. Dave gets kidnapped and almost-raped-ish; and it's fairly long for a one-shot. 

Fic Recs & Reviews : Dave/Tay

Hey guys. XD

I thought that maybe I should try and start off this com with a couple of reviews of two of my fave Dave and Tay fics (no surprise there, lol) and see how it goes. I think I get the general...gist of what this com is about. If not; yeah, just delete this.

Erm, I have no clue if you've read them or not. So here's the links.

Stockholm Syndrome here. 

Okay. I'm not going to give too much away. But I really liked it because it swapped round Dave and Tay's characters a bit; Tay being the more dominant and forceful one. It's awesome because in a kind of weird way...Tay forces Dave into something. And I honestly hadn't read that before until I found this. It's one of my faves.

Something's Gotta Give here

This one is kinda similar to the other one. It's more emotionally descriptive though, and nothing actually happens; but from Tay's perspective you get a great view on his thoughts about Dave always teasing him; it's really realistic. 

Go read them if you haven't already *grin*