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Another post?! Already...?

Well, yeah. I'm back, kinda bored, and I definitely need a distraction from my French. Hope you guys don't mind, I'll just fic-spam away :

Hate Myself For Loving You   (Chris/Nate.)

The title really says it all. It's from Nate's perspective; it's short, sweet, and definitely to the point, and I love it because the thoughts in Nate's head are clear and realistic.

Free Me  (Dave/Tay.)

This one's pretty short, but I think it was one of the first few I read where Tay was dominant. It made me laugh at the time for some reason. Submissive Dave works, goddamit. 

Drink  (Chris/Nate.)  (Sunrise is the second part.)

Chris gets Nate drunk - and....yeah. I think it's a nice fic because you can the reason behind Chris's actions; he really does love Nate and it's sweet in a way.

Dual Popularity (Dave/Kurt/Krist, Kurt/Courtney)

I can't really explain this one. It disturbed me at first, but strangely enough - made sense. It has two parts, so make sure you click on the 'next' button below. It's written in a dreamy, hazy state from Kurt's perspective, and Krist and Dave take advantage of him (Rohypnol is a drug for rape, just in case you didn't know) but it's still loving. It makes Kurt seem as though hes too far gone though, even when Frances is born. It's interesting.

Tired Of You  (Dave/Tay)

Taylor gets caught up in drugs again, and Dave is one severely pissed off guy. It's not that long, and I could actually see Dave acting like this in real life. It definitely inspired me in my Dave/Nate fic.

Here. (Dave/Nate.)

Dave makes a move on Nate. It made me smile.

A320 (Chris/Taylor, implied Chris/Nate.)

They're on a plane, and this story is kind of fluffy and Chris is so sweet, so yeah...


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